Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wish List

KarmaLoop beanie
KarmaLoop beanie

KarmaLoop beanie
KarmaLoop beanie

Valley Eyewear sunnies

Windsor Smith sandals

Windsor Smith socks

Ebay hippo onesie

Nastygal boyfriend jeans

Diana Mini Camera

Buttiful picture that a Diana Mini can take

The White Pepper dress

Etsy Tardis bag 

my beau MGG

candy hair I want for myself

Spirit Halloween Mary-Jane platforms

Toddland Pen Ward Adventure Time sweater
I seriously need everything here. It's like my life will never be complete unless I have everything here.
Weh but I need to save to go to Germany in 2015!!
I spent a good 3 hours just drooling over things on the internet when I should probably be doing Uni work.
Am I a shopaholic? I don't know. I just really like stuff. Stuff makes me happy. It's because of stuff I need to be successful in life so future Haein can have more stuff.

Need to sleep. How it it already 12.30am?
Guten Nacht!


Saturday, March 9, 2013


I just realised that I buy so much stuff when I'm left alone with money. Yet I still regret nothing. Buying cute things makes me happy, no matter how fleeting that feeling lasts.

Peter Alexander shorts I bought for Object A, but decided to keep for myself because of reasons. Sorry Object A 
Typo books for Uni which are now tattered and vandalised 

Cute things from Typo. I was seduced by the relatively cheap prices and overall awesomeness of them all. Tissues from IKEA. 

Contacts from Honeycolor.
I haven't opened the violet one as of yet. But I'm pretty psyched by the enlargement of the brown lens which makes me look like Treebeard ('cause you know, he has pretty eyes) 

Shirt from Matthew Gray Gubler! Limited edition one for Valentines Day. Almost teared with appreciation when I saw the postcard inside. 
My dream catcher I got for 3 big bucks at my local everything shop
Bought a heart cactus for myself because I can.
Unfortunately I accidentally killed it within 4 days. I don't know how though??
R.I.P. Mr. Cactus

Bought a padlock for my uni locker (which I filled with war food for the hard times that will follow). It's sad because I unnecessarily ate already almost half my food because I can.  

Heels from Kasui
Vintage jumper I wear when I'm sad.
Left to right: Polo shirt, op-shop shirt from Summer Hill, Sprit white simple shirt, New Gods band shirt
Sovereign from Vanuatu Object Jay got for me
Thinkgeek stuff.
My current obsession is the unicorn meat. I stashed it in my locker filled with war food in the hope that when friends go in there in search for food, they'll see it and freak. Hah! 4 points for you Unicorn meat, you go Unicorn meat.

See what I did there? A rainbow unicorn and Jake...? Sometimes I'm too clever for my own good.
Cotton On Body socks
The beginnings of a serious CD collection starts here. Lets see how many I'll have by the end of the year. 
My beloved ring that I had for a grand total of 2 days before losing it whilst on a bike ride around town :(
$150, 9ct and with diamond stones. GONE. 
This solid smelly thingy from the asian supermarket in Town Hall. It smells kinda funny, like old people who farted but unsuccessfully tried to cover it up with their lactose-free fruit thick-shake.
Some awesome comics I picked up from Kingscomics and Kinokunyia. 
Okay, if you survived this far done then I applaud you. Also I like you.

Alright, seriously need to start uni work. I've procrastinated enough. International Studies, here I come!